alignmentsAlignments are another specialty at Buds Muffler Inc. of Colorado Springs. With every alignment we do give the customer easy to read before and after spec’s on their car.  Like Brakes most alignments are free checks. We always look for bent parts from bumping curbs and hitting pot holes.  Along with factory adjustments sometimes you have to install aftermarket parts to make adjustments at an extra cost. If that’s the case we will explain the cost and why. Another specialty is we do CODE LINK alignments. Which is for newer cars that have computerized steering. We also specialize in lowered cars and raised trucks. We also align custom cars and cars that are referred to as donks. That is raised cars with over sized wheels. We can align large wheels up to 28”. Like our Brake Service our Alignments are complete so we don’t do “Toe and Go Alignments”  We also read the tires to see what’s going on  with the alignment.   alignment machine on silver car