Nitrogen Tire Service

Nitrogen tire service is very important for today's cars

Today's cars and trucks are built for tire 3nitrogen filled tires. If your car was built in 2004 or later it probably is built for nitrogen use. Have you seen those pesky tire lights?  Nitrogen must be used in order to turn those off.   Nitrogen is in the air we breathe but it's only 79.1% the rest is oxygen and moisture. When moisture changes temperature it either expands or contracts which will make your tires either over inflated or under inflated. Nitrogen is dry and it stays a constant pressure. Oxygen molecules are smaller than nitrogen molecules it will actually permeate the sidewall of the tire . Since we use tire pressure monitors capital TPM S we have to use nitrogen to keep a constant pressure in the tires. Buds muffler Inc. of Colorado Springs has invested into the equipment to service your nitrogen filled tires. We totally believe in nitrogen and we recommend it to all of our customers. Nitrogen is perfect for a hot and cold weather.

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