Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Service

image of tire pressure monitor and tire

Tire pressure monitors sensors (TPMS) are on new cars starting in 2004. At Buds Muffler Inc. , Colorado
Springs we can service them for our customers.  It's a sensor that is placed in the tire and as you drive,  it monitors the air pressure in your tires and talks to the main computer in your car. Buds Muffler Inc. in Colorado Springs we had to gear up with equipment and all the tools and then we stocked up our inventory of tire image of tire pressure monitorTire Pressure Monitorpressure monitors. The tire pressure monitor itself is a sealed unit with the battery.The battery life is between 5 and 7 years. So in the near future there's going to be a lot of tire pressure monitors that are going to start malfunctioning. At Bud's muffler inc in Colorado Springs we can tell you which sensor is going bad and replace it. We have a state of the art scanner in programmer . With today's cars you are supposed to use this tool just to rotate your tires.budshoursphone